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This is a DEPOSIT ONLY.  If you want more than 1 turkey, please place a deposit for each bird.  Balance is due at pickup.  WE ARE ONLY RELEASING 50 TURKEYS FOR PRE-ORDER.  THESE WILL GO FAST BASED ON LAST YEAR.  we will release the remainder in October to order, so you will have 1 more chance.

These are hands down, the best tasting turkeys you can find anywhere!

We raise a small number of turkeys each year, and every year they sell out.  Our turkeys are pasture raised; they roam through our pastures and dine on a wide variety of bugs, grasses, seeds, legumes, and whatever else they can find and they are fed a daily ration of a NON GMO and NON Soy feed along with sprouted sunflower seeds.  If you come to the farm this summer, you can see these guys as they grow.  If Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner are at your house this year, let one of these delicious birds be the star of your table.  If you’ve never had a pastured turkey, you are in for a real treat.  These birds are moist, juicy, and have the most amazing taste.  There is no comparison to a store bought turkey

These will be ready for pickup 11/18.  They will be fresh, never frozen.  Most of our birds finish between 18 and 25 pounds.  We have had birds smaller, and we have had them bigger, but that’s the average.  If you want a smaller bird or a larger bird, please include your preference in the notes

Pre-Ordered Turkeys are $5.00/lb.  Everyone who pre-orders a turkey will get first choice on the size of their bird.  You will be on an email list and get monthly updates on the turkeys and you will be invited out to the farm on 11/18 to pickup your turkey.  By Pre-ordering, you are saving 50 cents per pound over our regular price.

The purpose for the deposit is to help us out.  1) it lets us see how many people are interested and 2) it allows us to purchase the birds and some of the feed without reaching too deeply into our cash reserves.  (Turkey Chicks are not cheep cheep)