Aurora Coffee La Rubia Nicaragua Coffee 1 lb


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We are now offering some of the best tasting fresh roasted coffee you can find in our delivery boxes!!!

Aurora Coffee Company of a local Collin County coffee roaster.  They only roast is small batches so they can get each batch perfect.  If your a coffee drinker, you owe it to your self to give this a try.  It makes a great gift also.  Did you know that you can cook with Coffee?  Their coffee is one of the ingredients in our dry rub that makes our BBQ so great!!!

La Rubia Nicaragua Coffee is roasted at a Full City Roast level with a creamy and smooth full-body.  This coffee delivers a balanced flavor with distinct molasses flavors and some slight citrus notes in each cup.  This coffee is grown at an elevation of 1250 meters in Finca La Rubia, under tree canopies and banana trees.  This farm was a forest area where the water originates from springs on the same farm.  They rank within the top 15 coffees of Nicaragua